We Believe in a Generous God

St Cuthbert’s ministry and mission is achieved through the generosity of all those who give their time, talents and money to it. It is a way of life, part of our lifelong discipleship. We are grateful for all that you give and by choosing to give a regular donation you will be helping us to plan ahead, fulfil our longer term plans and vision and overcome the financial challenges of this year.

Over the past two years St Cuthbert’s has introduced different ways for members of the congregation to continue to give. The Diocese has recently adopted the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) and is currently encouraging all Churches to use the service. St Cuthbert’s has already registered with PGS and over twenty people are using this method for their regular monthly giving by Direct Debit.

We are hoping that this way of giving will become more widely used and we would encourage you to read the PGS leaflet and consider whether this new method of giving would suit you. A major benefit for St Cuthbert’s is a significant reduction in administration. The leaflet provides lots of information about the scheme, the advantages to us and how to sign up.

If you are interested in signing up or you have any questions or need help please speak to Gwen Moorby or to download a booklet with more information click below..

How the Parish Giving Scheme works